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First Staffing Mobile

 We are living in a mobile world and First Staffing is taking that concept seriously with our latest business venture, First Mobile Staffing. Studies have shown that 74% of adults use social media daily. We already harness the power of social media and will be taking advantage of the up to second power of social  media to get the word out on upcoming locations and events for the job bus.  

First Staffing is pleased to announce, the one and only of its kind, our mobile applications unit.  


What are the advantages of being mobile?

Recruiting-  This being the biggest advantage. Being mobile we are able to go to the people and find the perfect fit for your company. 

 Onsite Drug Screening-We are able offer on site drug screening. If you would like to pop a random screening on your employees, we can go to the job site and do that for you.

Onsite Job Fairs/Hiring Events-If you would like to have a job fair or hiring event but do not have the space we can help with that. We can put on job fairs in your parking lot or local community center and not take up any of your precious time or space.  

Advertise- on the side of the job bus free. One of the many benefits of having this office on wheels is that the side is a blank canvas for advertising. First Mobile Staffing is a rolling billboard and you can let it work for your company at no cost to you what so ever. We can advertise on the side on the bus for you and take that advertisement anywhere we go. First Staffing will be all over North and South Carolina opening up labor markets.  


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